Do Dah Doo Doo: CO-DOO #1 was really nice! Do you want to doo CO-DOO #2?

Thanks to Luke Andries, Roy Roelofs, Nina Ketting, Jarle Matland, Josien Harder, Michael Rabbers, Litha Dotulong, Jairo Guerrero, Pascal Pichel, Kaleigh Bellio en Daniela P'tiezzi, CO-DOO #1 was really nice. Social? Definitely! Productive? Not everybody. Pascal was doing calls the whole day, being a hard worker and the last one to join the Friday After Work Drinks, which started around three. Personally, I didn't do anything that day, except enjoying the great vibes. After all, it's 'Coworking the SOCIAL way'.

A glimpse of the day:

CO-DOO Coworking Rotterdam
CO-DOO Coworking Rotterdam
CO-DOO Coworking Rotterdam

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I would love to see you at CO-DOO #2. Let's DOO! 

Oh, almost forget to share this song I created especially for CO-DOO.